Servicing Equipment

As the workload begins to pick up one task that needs doing is tractor repair and servicing. On Saturday Bruce (Dad) and Mathew (my husband) were working on just that. Mathew was servicing out (which I have found out is much like an oil change/tune up for a car) a tractor that his dad just acquired. I actually had a hand in that process and learned about oil changes.

We also moved the rear tires in a few inches to make the tractor more narrow. This is especially helpful on fruit farms. Dad says he thinks this machine will be handy for rototilling, brush chopping and tasks like that.
With the weather set warm up this week I am sure it will be a full one for all of us as we try to finish up inside projects along with tackling out door work. It sure feels good to have sunshine again.
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One Response to Servicing Equipment

  1. Rene' says:

    Job well done!