In Full Bloom

Southwest Michigan is a pretty awesome place to live…especially in the spring. Driving around the farm and the county is overwhelming as the orchards pop into full bloom. As during every season on the farm the weather is such a big issue. Blossomtime can be especially stressful as we wait to see if this year’s crop will make it through the fluctuating temperatures. It has been dangerously cold these last couple of days but we are hanging on and trusting that everything will be alright.
Now don’t get the idea that all of the trees bloom at once but all of these images were taken in April…mostly in the last week.


~Sweet Cherry~


~Tart Cherry~


~Blueberry buds~


I love taking pictures of blossoms~ I mean really, flowers are my favorite photographic subject. That means that every year from here on out I will probably take at least a thousand blossom close ups…making it super hard to pick just a few to do something with. :)
Happy early Blossomtime!
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