Friday’s Picture-Transportation

We put a lot of combined miles on our fleet of market trucks every week. Therefore maintenance is Very VERY Very important. Every week (preferably on Thursday) my brother checks the fluid and the air pressure in the tires on all the trucks. He does this on Thursday so that if he finds something out of line it can be fixed on Friday before the Saturday desertion of Michigan.

This particular truck is mom’s market truck…meaning it is probably the nicest. It also makes three trips a week to the big city vs. the one trip most of us make. It has had some issues as of late so in this Friday night shot Dad, Mom and one of the store’s mechanics are looking things over and making plans to fix it today (Sunday). Hopefully they get everything buttoned up so that the Tuesday crew can have a safe trip.
~Christina, who never knew the air pressure in the trucks should be checked before every trip!
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