Preparing for the weekend

It pretty much goes like this:
If you live on the farm you roll out of bed early on Saturday morning, get dressed and head to the barn.
If you go to markets but are not part of the family so therefore you live off of the farm you wake up even earlier, get dressed and drive to the barn.
When we got married I was used to the whole driving method but my dear husband was used to waking at the last second and being right there.
I would rather sleep in my own bed.
He would rather sleep at the farm.
We compromised and sleep in his Grandparents’ extra bedroom. Okay so I gave in…that’s compromise right?
There are a lot of reasons why that is a very nice thought and I do get some type of sleep at least. And we have less chance of being late. And spending time with his Grandpa and Grandma is important. He feels at home there and definitely misses being on the farm with the rest of his family…(not that we are far away or anything, we are there almost everyday for something).
So every week I pack up and head to the farm on Friday. We meet there, Mat and I after work.
It is a good thing my Grandma got me suitcases for my birthday last year.
This is our Friday/Saturday suitcase in the beginning stages of being packed. Actually I do believe that packing allows me to be more organized.

Oh and just so you know…I love our bed! Isn’t it beautiful.
~Christina…who almost forgot to take a picture today, can you tell?
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