Saturday’s Picture – Rainy Market Days

I must say, I am not as die hard as most Midwestern farmers…although I probably will be someday.
I woke up at 3:30 on Saturday, looked out the window and asked Mathew why we couldn’t just stay in bed. It was stormy out and the torrents of rain were not thrilling to me. But alas we got up and got going.
It was a rough ride in raining almost the whole way. Between the wet interstate, the extreme darkness, pouring rain, and spray from other vehicles I was tense, stressed, and we were running late. Mathew slept like a rock which just proved to make me sleepy.
Just as the rain let up a little outside of Gary, Indiana Mom called and said “DO NOT take 94 in! take Lake Shore Drive” I am so glad she caught me before I tried to travel my normal route to our market. It seems that the massive amounts of water had flooded the interstate causing major back ups and many many market trucks trying to get into the city were caught in a mess.
Once we got to our market it was raining so hard that I drove across the parking lot to purchase ponchos from CVS…naturally they only had one adult one left.
We then tried to set up our tents while it rained and lightning streaked through the sky…I felt pretty much brilliant at that moment.
At our market we actually repositioned the tents to provide cover between the truck and the tables…they were leaking of course. We may not have looked quite so perky but we were so grateful when the rain let up and the customers came out.

For the farmer it goes pretty much like this:
A market represents more than one weeks entire income, if it rains we get to literally watch a lot of that income go down the drain.
We really appreciate the wonderful, loyal customers who put on their boots open their umbrellas and come out anyway! I gotta say I am not sure I would!
~Christina, who loves her cherry rain boots but can only stand them for so long!!
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One Response to Saturday’s Picture – Rainy Market Days

  1. Amy says:

    Cute boots.
    We had a wet Saturday morning market too (not as bad as yours though). I was surprised at how much we sold.