8/23/10 – 1000 Words

So a funny thing happened on Monday.
Maybe funny, maybe not…hmmm…
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess I have to write at least that because I don’t have a picture for Monday. Don’t get me wrong I did take several, I was even at the farm and had a few that I liked real well. But I don’t know how to post one on the blog. That’s obvious you might think…she does it all the time why should one day be different from the rest?
Well it is because I took them on my cell phone. Yep. I have succumbed to the pressure and joined the hoard of young people who document their lives on a phone!
It wasn’t intentional…I didn’t realize…ah, it is no use, I cannot explain it away…
It just seemed so convenient.
A few years ago when my family was getting new phones my dad called and asked if I wanted a camera phone. “No!” I said “why would I want to take low quality pictures on my phone when I have an expensive camera that takes beautiful images?”
Now I am beginning to understand.
Several weeks ago a good friend gave me her daughter’s used phone. My very simple flip phone was falling apart and dropping calls so it was necessary to suck it up and switch phones. For a girl who dislikes change that was borderline traumatic. Just so happens it was a camera phone.
So on Monday while I was waiting on my handsome man to unload and then load fruit onto the flatbed I decided to experiment with the camera on the phone…it seemed harmless enough, and even kind of fun.
I even gave myself an assignment.
And I did another common thing and took a self portrait of Mathew and I…you know, the kid where you hold the phone way up in front of you and hope you are actually in the frame. I love it. We are smiling so sweetly.
Then when I got home late that night I realized something. I had been enjoying the phone camera so much I never got out the big camera. So I got my phone and was going to download the images so I could post something.
One problem.
I don’t know how to extract those silly pictures.
Really. This must make everyone doubt my competence.
I am still at a lose and since I refuse to spend enough money to have the internet on my phone I can’t even email them to myself.
Maybe someday I will dig out the owners manual and figure this contraption out but until then you will have to be satisfied with my many words.
~Christina…who really does believe that the purpose of phones is to CALL people!
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One Response to 8/23/10 – 1000 Words

  1. Daily Chicago Photo says:

    Don't worry. I haven't figured it our either. I can get music from my PC to my phone but haven't quite figured out how to get photos to my PC, blog, or Facebook (I think uploading to FB requires installing the specific FB for <>, which I haven't done) You aren't alone. ;)