9/7/10 – Working Girl

My life has changed A LOT in the last year.
I got married…love being married
I moved…even though I love my family, living with my husband is awesome
I switched farms…still miss the people at the other one but I am adjusting
Now I am beginning work full time for a local credit union.
I am currently in teller training, which is honestly not something I ever imagined doing.
I am excited about the opportunity and I sincerely hope that I will still be able to be a part of the farm. I love agriculture, I love photography and I like writing. I also love serving people and that is why I think the teller position will be a good fit for me.
I am transitioning over to “traditional” full time employment for many reasons that have to do with the goals Mathew and I have for the future…farming takes lots of capitol and experience you know!
All that said I am going to try really hard to keep up with the 365 Days of Farmlife project but it is proving difficult already. The posts may not come everyday like they did at first and a few of the images may not be from the exact day…I will put forth my best effort though. Oh, and more comments would really help! On the blog or on facebook I could really use the consistent knowledge that others are enjoying my work and my efforts are not in vain.
Thanks for your understanding and patience.

After my first day on the job Mathew and I picked some apples for a friend.
~Christina…whose wardrobe is transitioning from farm girl central to working girl
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  1. bonafides says:

    Good luck! I'll keep reading :)