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I was sick and working and just gave up. I stopped taking pictures for about a week because I just couldn’t handle one more thing. I felt really bad about it though…guilty and upset because I was letting the 365 Days project lapse. I really do want to make it through the whole year but I have come to a couple of conclusions.
There will be days when pictures don’t get taken. This is especially true as the days get shorter and it is mostly dark out when I get to the farm. That is just part of our farm year and this project will reflect that.
I am also going to get sick sometimes and I will likely to continue to be overwhelmed by all I have to do. That also is a part of our life here and will be reflected in the final results of the project.
I may, when I have the opportunity, take several different images on one day and stretch them over several days on here. I will try and make that clear when I post.
This group of images was all taken on September 27th and will stand in for the week I didn’t shoot. :)

Nothing like morning sun after a heavy dew. I cannot get over the wonderful scenery every morning as I drive to work.

Chestnuts are so intriguing.

Apple drops make us sad but they are just a part of farming fruit.

More of that awesome light in the field behind one of the apple orchards.

Because the temperatures have cooled considerably apples can sit in bins outside if need be. That is very much unlike many summer fruits that must be put in the cooler right away. This allows us to grow and sell a much larger quantity of apples.
~Christina…who needs to get going so she is not late for work!
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One Response to Catch up pictures

  1. Vanessa says:

    Don't let the pressure to complete a project take the fun out of it, or the joy. People will forgive you for being too busy, we all understand!

    I love your picture of the chestnuts. Growing up, we had a swing hanging from our chestnut tree in the backyard. A favorite pastime was, of course, throwing the spiky balls at my little sister.