What would you like to see?

Big props go out to Cliff for his work on changing our website over to the new format. We appreciate his hard work, vision, efficiency, and most of all his dedicated friendship.

As we work together to build this new site you should see some drastic visual changes. You will also be able to access more of our information from this one central location. We are super excited about this process that will allow us to share even more with you on a regular basis.

All of that said, what is it that you would like to see? What expectations do you have when you visit the website of your favorite farmers? How can we make your overall experience with Ellis Family Farms better?

I also would like to note that I am very aware of the lack of posts and pictures in recent days. It has been a challenge to keep life in balance and I do plan on returning to a consistent posting schedule soon. I will hopefully be picking up the 365 Days of Farmlife project in February with this break simply being a part of the project and learning experience.

Thank you all for your loyal support of our venture and for your patience as priorities shift around constantly.

I guess that wraps up this post but I really would appreciate some feedback so comment away!

~Christina…who is, as always, the farm daughter in law

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