2/3/11 – Good Morning

There are a lot of stories and images and moments that haven’t made it to the blog. I’m working on a few of them but before I get any further behind…

This morning I woke up on the farm. I spent the blizzard at Grandma Ellis’ and when I got ready to roll this morning the sun was rising over the orchard. It was SO awesome. Had to snap a few before heading to work.

~Christina…who is in LOVE with the fact that the sun was up before I went to work

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2 Responses to 2/3/11 – Good Morning

  1. Bernadine says:

    It was a beautiful sunrise on our side of the lake, too. Great photo. Love the web of branches!

    • Christina says:

      One of my favortie times of year is when we can watch the sunrise over the lake as we drive to our markets in the summer. Such unique views on each side of the lake and such a novelty for someone who is used to seeing it set on Lake Michigan.

      I wish you could better see the frost ont the branches.