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Sometimes because of the markets we are at the connections we have made with the many people who enjoy them we get the chance to be a part of something bigger. Not only is our fruit often used at wonderful Chicago restaurants and and bakeries it is often photographed. Some of these photographs are simply enjoyed by those who snap the picture and make the memory but there are those images that are published in print form.

Yesterday mom mentioned that our honey is featured in the beautiful cookbook above. As always we are honored to in some small way be a part of this project. I am impresed with the quality of  the book and I love all the many colorful photographs used throughout it’s pages.

If you have a chance look it up and make sure to look for your favorite honey hidden amidst gorgeous produce shots. I did find it interesting that I could tell how old the picture was…know how?

Linking up to the author’s webpage:


Here is the link to the book as found on amazon:



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  1. Carey says:

    Cool! We sell that book at my store!