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Red Raspberries: Fall? Spring? What’s Up

Red Raspberries Fall? Spring?  What’s Up I know a lot of people have either a raspberry shrub or two or they remember raspberries when they were younger.  I thought I would take this blog post to explain the difference between … Continue reading

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Raspberries, Cherries!!!!! What’s Up?

There is a lot “up.”  Since the early March’s burst of summer like conditions, most of the fruit crops will be earlier this year.  In fact, we have been picking sweet cherries for two weeks and red raspberries for a … Continue reading

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Golden Nectar—Honey That Is

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have kept you up-to-date about the farm. Many have inquired about honey.  I am always concerned about the bees more then the honey.  The bees were very active in March … Continue reading

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