Golden Nectar—Honey That Is

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have kept you up-to-date about the farm.

Many have inquired about honey.  I am always concerned about the bees more then the honey.  The bees were very active in March during that hot burst.  They were very busy for about one week.  Apricots, early peaches, plums and cherries were out in full bloom.  Then the weather turned frosty –or actually normal. Most of April and a bit of May were cooler and cloudy.

The bees did a wonderful job and were “busy” at that early burst.  They produced quite a bit.  But with the long stretch of cool and cloudy weather they ended up using the honey as reserves –food.  They also stared brooding or laying eggs, hatching, etc.  That uses up a lot of honey.  Sorry the bees come first and not honey for human consumption.

So where are we now? Nature has a funny way and not our way.  The bees are pretty much back to normal.  And honey is being “pulled” or extracted this week.  Some was pulled in May, but I stopped.  I felt that there was not enough to maintain the hives.  And I was uncertain of the future of the weather at that time.  I wanted to give them what they needed—to be healthy.

After the work done this past Monday, it seems that the honey supply is about right.  The bees are happy and healthy.  And soon all of you will be happy with this years honey.  Yum Yum!

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