Raspberries, Cherries!!!!! What’s Up?

There is a lot “up.”  Since the early March’s burst of summer like conditions, most of the fruit crops will be earlier this year.  In fact, we have been picking sweet cherries for two weeks and red raspberries for a week.  But the downer for us farmers is that it is super dry!  The bushes and trees NEED more water then what nature has provided.  In fact our sweet cherries are definitely smaller then what I would like to see.  But the flavor is great!  As for the red raspberries, the bushes have been regularly irrigated.

Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.)  Varieties that we grow are:

A.   Dark Red with white flesh varieties (listed by harvest time or ripeness)

  1. Sam a softer fruit but great early cherry
  2. Bing the old standard we have raised for years.  Great all around cherry
  3. Ulstar Great quality, firm and great taste
  4. Hedelfingen Firm fruit with high juice quality, great taste.  Can soften due to hot weather
  5. Hudson Our last ripening cherry

B.   Yellow flesh with a pink outer blush (listed by harvest time or ripeness)

  1. Royal Ann
  2. White Gold

We do have for harvest this year Sam, Ulstar and Hudson, plus the White Gold varieties.  But each one due to frost will have a different yield.  They might be smaller (lack of water) or even have little scars from the frost.  But we “keep our fingers crossed.”  And each week at market we will harvest and bring fresh cherries to you and your loved ones.



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One Response to Raspberries, Cherries!!!!! What’s Up?

  1. barb says:

    do you have IQF sour cherries? if so, how much, if not, do you know who might?
    thanks much